Boucher State Senate

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Bold Leadership
Real Results

Senator Boucher will fight for a revitalized Connecticut where jobs can grow and families can prosper.

  • Enact business and family friendly tax policy
  • Cut state spending and pay down debt
  • Invest in mass transit improvements
  • Demand rigorous education standards and accountability
  • Promote environmental stewardship

Bold Leadership
to return jobs and people to Connecticut

  • Lower onerous taxes on businesses, cars, pensions,real estate and inheritance
  • Reduce the cost and size of state government
  • Cut the nation’s highest state worker’s wages and benefits
  • Replace expensive state pensions with 401(k) plans
  • Provide state services through lower cost non-profits

Real Results
for our communities

  • Architect of No Tax Increase state budgets
  • Stopped increases in gas tax, prevented return of tolls
  • Passed bipartisan legislation to create jobs
  • Leader of bipartisan education reform bill
  • Saved Danbury to Norwalk rail line from closure and secured $30 million to increase train speed & frequency
  • Secured funding for 300 new Metro North rail cars
  • Authored Rail Passenger Bill or Rights
  • Coalition for Achievement Now Award for education reform.
  • Council of Italian-American Organizations. Ambassador Award
  • League of Conservation Voters Environmental Champion
  • Conn. Early Childhood Alliance Children’s Champion
  • 100% Voting and Attendance Record, 2011 & 2012

Leadership & Experience

  • Chief Deputy Senate Minority Leader
  • Assistant House Minority Leader
  • Ranking Member: Transportation, Education & Higher Education Committees, and member of Finance,Revenue & Bonding Committee
  • State Board of Education Member and Chair,Policy & Planning Committees
  • Local government: Board of Selectmen, Board of Ed. Chair
  • 25 years as business executive at Fortune 50 companies
  • Co-founder of small businesses
  • Financial executive, UConn MBA; Series 7& 63 licenses