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Thank You!

Dear Friend,

I believe that in an election, it’s the voters who give the most important endorsement. In the ultimate exercise of democracy, you, the voters, spoke yesterday. I amprivileged to continue as your State Senator, a responsibility I take very seriously. The public entrusts us with the privilege of representing them well.  We must listen to their concerns, represent them honorably and conduct ourselves with integrity in order to maintain that trust.  I’m both honored and humbled by this vote of confidence.

Thanks to the support and hard work of many, we swept all seven of towns in my district in a resounding victory that had many high points:

Now, we must focus on the job ahead. We have much to do for the people of Connecticut.  Our economy trails the rest of the country in almost every critical measure. Our transportation infrastructure has deteriorated and even our level of educational excellence has slipped. During this campaign I have listened to so many people and so many businesses that tell me, “Toni, it’s become extremely difficult to live and do business in the state. In fact, it has become so expensive that I am thinking of leaving. Hartford spends too much, taxes too much and borrows too much.”

I will continue to advocate for them and for you. I will fight for lower taxes, less borrowing, fewer regulations and to channel necessary investment in our transportation infrastructure and in providing quality a education for all students, from pre-school through college. And I will strive to be a conscientious, diligent advocate for the people of my district and our state, so that their your voice will be heard as we move forward to shape the policies of our state. This will require working with both sides of the aisle to build consensus and the good relationships necessary to revitalize Connecticut.

Finally, I’d like to say that among the most rewarding aspects of a campaign are the friends and supporters that I’ve been fortunate to work with so closely along the way. I’ve been truly blessed to have some of the very best, most talented people working hard to achieve a successful outcome. These people love this state and believe in making a difference by fighting for good government. I am proud to be associated with them and thank them for their efforts and friendships, friendships that I know will endure far beyond this campaign.


State Senator
Toni Boucher