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Roadmap to a Better Connecticut

Roadmap for A Better Connecticut

  • Lower taxes on income, businesses, cars, pensions, real estate and inheritance and stop the administration’s proposed plan for mileage tax and highway tolls.
  • Eliminate 100’s of taxes that cost more to collect than they produce in revenues.
  • Cut the size and cost of state government by:
    • consolidating state agencies
    • providing some services through lower-cost non-profits
    • paying down debt
    • bringing state employee fringe benefits in line with the private sector
    • requiring legislative approval of state wages, benefits and pensions
    • reforming overtime and longevity policies
    • enforcing a cap on state spending.
  • Reduce mandates, workers comp and unemployment cost for small businesses.
  • Improve our transportation infrastructure and educational systems.
  • Strengthen our cities and improve healthcare.