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Connecticut’s Struggle — A Plan to Bring CT Back


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Connecticut is in serious trouble. It spends too much, taxes too much and borrows too much!

In the past four years, we’ve seen the largest retroactive tax increase in history (including 70 new taxes); a 16% increase in government spending; state union job protection with unsustainable benefits and pensions; misallocation of funds needed to improve our transportation systems; and rapidly escalating higher education tuition.

Our state has the highest per-capita debt in the nation. We also rank 50th in the nation for state employee contributions to their own retirement plans, which adds to higher taxes and continued budget deficits. As a result, we’ve regained only half of the jobs lost during the recession and have a shrinking labor force. Families and businesses, both struggling under the burden of high costs, are fleeing to more tax-friendly states.

We must, and we can, turn things around and bring back Connecticut’s thriving economy and high qualityof-life that was once the envy of the nation!

We can do this by adopting a plan that puts taxpayers first and restores balance to the state budget without more taxes and more borrowing.

Bring-CT-BackBold Leadership

As your State Senator, I have been a leading proponent of legislation to:

  • lower taxes on income, cars, pensions, real estate and inheritance
  • reduce the unsustainable size and cost of state government
  • improve our highways and rail systems
  • bring first class, affordable education to all Connecticut children

Real Results

As your State Senator, I have:

  • Sponsored the No-Tax-Increase, balanced state budget as an alternative to the administration’s tax heavy, debt-laden budget
  • Stopped increases in the gas tax
  • Prevented return of tolls
  •  Passed bipartisan small business legislation
  •  Saved Danbury-Norwalk rail line
  • Secured $30 Million in funding to increase train speed and frequency
  • Successfully negotiated the widening of Route 7
  • Enacted early childhood education initiatives and led the crusade for lowering tuition
  • Brought about new leadership for Metro-North and Higher Education Board of Regents
  • Successfully fought against creation of county government
  • Enabled the creation of a new greenway for our district.