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My father repeated this to me every day-“Education is everything; it is the way out of poverty and
the path to true freedom. A quality education for all children requires high expectations,
rigorous standards and accountability. It is a social responsibility we all share.”
Improving educational quality is the reason I first ran for my local Board of Education, later serving as
State Board of Education Commissioner, and now as Ranking member of the Education and Higher
Education Committees of the General Assembly, where I have:

  •   Fought for rigorous new standards and accountability and higher expectations for all children
  •   Increased funding for local schools, charter and magnate schools, early childhood education, community colleges and UConn
  •   Helped improve the quality of pre-school, literacy, reading intervention, art & music and gifted as well as special education programs
  •   Upgraded teacher prep curriculum and protected teachers’ pensions
  •   Introduced Connecticut 529 college savings plans
  •   Sponsored legislation to restrain college tuition costs and curb bullying and sexual assaults on campus

As Chairman of the Legislature’s School Security Committee I led efforts to enact new securityconstruction standards and safety procedures for grades pre-k though 16.

During my legislative tenure, some of the most gratifying recognition I’ve received has been for my work to improve our state’s educational systems, including:

  •   Childrens Champion Award – 4 times
  •   CAEA Arts Advocate Award
  •   CEMA Music Education Advocate Award
  •   CT Gifted & Talented Assoc. Advocate of the Year
  •   CT Coalition for Achievement Now – Tip of the Cap Award

As your state senator, I will continue to fight for the principles that will allow us to graduate the best educated students in the nation. Because to rebuild Connecticut to its former position as the envy of the nation, providing a top quality, affordable education is a vital cornerstone.