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Endorsements and Awards

2012 Endorsements and Awards

Connecticut Votes for Animals  ( CVA) Endorses State Senator Toni Boucher for Re-election to the State Senate District #26.  They have cited Senator Boucher’s work to enact Connecticut’s Pet Trust Bill and her support and advocacy on a variety of issues important to the well being  of animals and of the members of their organization.

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) today endorsed Toni Boucher for re-election to the state senate , representing  the 26th District. Connecticut’s continuing slow recovery from the recession makes it incumbent upon policymakers to focus their energies on improving the climate for creating more jobs and opportunities in the state. Over 100,000 jobs have been lost in Connecticut since that beginning of the recession, and voters need ro know which candidates will make the hard decisions needed to jump start the economy.

“The CSU-AAUP is pleased to endorse your [Senator Boucer’s] candidacy for election to the state legislature. This endorsement is a result of careful consideration of your positions and our perception that you recognize the needs of higher education in Connecticut. Your interest in maintain a viable and quality program of higher education for Connecticut in the future will be most appreciated.

National Federation of Independent Business Endorses Senator Boucher: “Your voting record over the last two legislative session on key issues important to small business indicated that you will continue to be committed to the needs of thousands on Main Street small businesses and their employees in CT when you are re-elected to serve in Hartford.”

Connecticut Realtors Endorse State Senator Toni Boucher: “Our endorsement means that the candidate processes those attributes favorable to free enterprise, private property rights, and housing opportunities and choice…”

State Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) was recognized by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) as achieving a perfect 100% voting record on bills scored by the League during the 2012 session.

CDGM (Connecticut Doctors for Good Medicine) is in strong support of Senator Toni Boucher; for she is on the right side of medical liability reform, which will allow better access to care and save Connecticut residents millions of dollars. ”

2010 Endorsements and Awards

Endorsed by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters and the Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club

“To know Toni is to love her. She is respected and admired throughout the towns of the 26th District.”

Bill Meyer, Friends of Westport Senior Center, Westport Little League,
Y’s Men, Rotary, Community Theater

“Toni Boucher has been a tireless supporter for the towns in the 26th District. She is accessible to all her constituents and articulately represents our interests in the state legislature.”

Bill Brennan, First Selectman of Wilton

“Sen. Boucher has been a strong leader on education reform, and always goes the extra mile to make sure that we are focusing on what will best serve Connecticut’s children.”

Alex Johnston, CEO Conn. Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN)

“We thank State Senator Boucher for her commitment to the needs of tens thousand of main street small businesses and their more than one million employees in Connecticut.”

National Federation of Independent Businesses

“Toni Boucher possesses the core qualities I value: she is honest, incredibly hard working, caring and committed to returning Connecticut to fiscal well-being. She has earned the right to continue to represent us.”

Jeb Walker, First Selectman of New Canaan

“Senator Boucher is a strong advocate for veterans’ rights and benefits. She is always accessible and responsive, and last year she designated Route 33 through Wilton and Westport as “Fallen Heroes Memorial Highway.”

Capt. Bill Glass, U.S. Navy Reserve, Ret

“State Senator Toni Boucher possesses those attributes favorable to free enterprise, private property rights, and housing opportunity and choice.”

CT Association of Realtors

“We need lawmakers like Toni Boucher who are committed to restoring business confidence in our state so that employers will invest, grow, and create jobs here. And we need leaders who are committed to making fundamental changes to reduce the size and cost of state government.”

Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA)

“Toni Boucher responds quickly and is always there for us. She is a dedicated to our town and schools. We need her as our strong advocate.”

Natalie Ketcham, First Selectman of Redding