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Boucher Gets Republican Nod For Senate Race

 Wilton May 18At the convention to select the Republican candidate for the November 6 election for the State Senate’s 26th District, (Bethel, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport and Wilton), State Senator Toni Boucher (R, Wilton) received the unanimous endorsement of delegates to run for a third term.  In Connecticut both House of Representatives and Senate seats are for a two-year term.Senator Boucher is a Deputy Republican Caucus Leader as well as the Senate Republican leader on three key joint committees of the General Assembly: the Education committee, the Transportation committee and the Higher Education committee.  She is a member of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding committee, where she has vigorously fought to lower all of Connecticut’s taxes.

During her service to the District, Senator Boucher has received numerous awards while distinguishing herself as an advocate for improving Education for all children in Connecticut.

In nominating Boucher, State Representative John Hetherington, (R New Canaan and Wilton), had the following to say, “I am honored to place in nomination the name of Toni Boucher for State Senator, 26th District.

Toni continues to demonstrate boundless energy and enthusiasm in working for the people of the 26th District. Moreover, she has won respect and admiration around the state and beyond by her strength of character and deep conviction. No one can doubt that Toni truly believes what she says and that she keeps her commitments. Intelligence and keen insight, together with perseverance, have brought her distinction in several areas, including education and transportation. She is just as comfortable addressing the needs of early childhood as with the issues with Metro-North. Added to this is her training and experience in finance which is invaluable in dealing with our state’s chronic fiscal problems. With all of these diverse capabilities, Toni is a warm and caring person who brings empathy and comfort to all whom she serves.”

Westporter William Meyer enthusiastically endorsed Boucher’s nomination and added, “When it comes to being a dedicated, effective State Senator Toni Boucher is in a class all her own. To know Toni is to love her.””

“Toni Boucher is one of Wilton’s greatest treasures. Her advocacy in Hartford has helped to ensure that Wilton is a destination for families in search of a quality of life unmatched in other Towns throughout Connecticut,” shared Wilton Republican Town Chair, Al Alper.

Republican Town Committee Chair, Bob Hebert endorsed Toni’s candidacy, “We need more men and women in Hartford like Toni Boucher who will take a strong stand on fixing our state’s debt crisis. While serving in the State Senate, Toni has displayed outstanding leadership and has consistently demonstrated her clear commitment to conservative values,” said Mr. Hebert. “Our future rests on the outcome of the 2012 elections. We simply cannot allow our Democrat Governor and our Democratic-controlled Legislature to continue, unchecked, with tax and spend polices that give Connecticut the distinction of being the worst state for business, retirees and for taxpayers. We need to stand together and support Toni Boucher”.

Adding to the accolades was Bob Zappi, Westport Republican Town Committee Chair. “Senator Toni Boucher has been an amazing public servant, concerned about all of her constituents regardless of political affiliation. Her passion for education and seniors is unique in politics where elected officials typically choose one group over another. Toni works very hard to understands both constituencies and has an excellent track record of serving their needs.”

In accepting the nomination Senator Boucher shared the following with the delegates, “Your vote of confidence means the world to me. Thank you for supporting my candidacy for re-election to the state senate for the 26th district. I never forget you are providing me with a rare opportunity to represent your interests and bring your voice to Hartford. Your position on important policies of the state must always be heard and it is a sacred trust I take seriously, some say too seriously. But then again we are living in serious times. The calls I receive and Alex, my aide receives on a daily basis are heartbreaking, Our long time friends and small businesses have been hit hard by the recession and for the first time in their lives, they need help. It can be a bitter pill to swallow. We can no longer afford to delay taking positive action and make Connecticut once again, a great place to live. Has Connecticut fallen too far to fix? It is going decidedly in the wrong direction, but I feel we can reverse this negative trend and I am willing to give this race all I have to make that happen.

You are all here, just as I am, because you believe Connecticut is the great place we love and for which we want to fight. ”