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Boucher Says Connecticut Jobs Report Shows No Progress

WILTON — State Senator Toni Boucher released the following statement on the Connecticut Department of Labor September/October jobs report:

“Lack of jobs continues to be the Connecticut’s biggest problem. While the unemployment rate has decreased to 7.9%, the number of jobs in the state also fell by 4,200 during the last two months. Our workforce has shrunk by 60,100 under the Malloy administration: many people have simply stopped looking for work. This is not progress.

“Connecticut is lagging far behind the country and the region. The national unemployment rate is 7.3%, Vermont’s is 4.6%, New Hampshire’s is 5%, Massachusetts’ is 7.2%, and Maine’s is 7%.

“One-shot giveaways to selected companies, coupled with the largest tax increase in state history, have not boosted Connecticut’s economy. We need a change in policy that will reduce taxes and structural costs for all businesses so they can afford to grow and create jobs. The Malloy administration refuses to recognize that when policies fail to work after three years, it is time to change them. Unfortunately, the people of Connecticut must suffer the consequences.”