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Getting Connecticut’s Transportation System Moving

Two derailments. Hundreds of injuries. Six fatalities. Trains stranded in extreme weather conditions. A massive shutdown. The steady collapse of our commuter rail service is a continuing reminder of the unacceptable state of our transportation system.

It is almost impossible to get from one place to another in CT. Our roads are congested and our trains don’t work.  And our bridges and highways are in desperate need of repair. All of this is devastating to our economy, our environment, and our quality of life.

Commuters in Connecticut deserve trains that are convenient, comfortable, on time, reliable, and safe, but our rail service is only getting worse. People have a right to expect drive times that are reasonable. To help clear the way, we must open the bottlenecks on our roadways, and make sure Connecticut has a good freight rail system and deep water ports that work.

We need to fix all of this before starting anything new. But the state has no sense of urgency. We must commit to a long-term plan and stick to it. This means money, management and accountability — and it needs to happen now.