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Real Results on Transportation

“As the Ranking Senate member of the Education, Higher Education and Transportation Committees I worked closely with the other side of the isle to build a bi-partisan coalition to enact positive education and transportation improvements that passed unanimously in both houses.” —Toni Boucher Ranking member of Transportation CommitteeTransportation policy should make Connecticut a gateway to New England, not a cul-de-sac. As a leading spokesperson and decision maker on the transportation committee I hope to continue the successes that have been achieved and build on them for the future.

Endorsed by CT League of Conservation Voters and The Sierra Club:

  •  Greeway from Norwalk to Danbury
  •  Support of mass transit

Leader in refocusing CT DOT priorities:

  •  Launched the 1st ever Passenger Bill of Rights
  • After 4O years of neglect Metro North being held responsible
  • Spearheaded movement to have CT DOT representative at Metro North/ MTA Board meetings
  • CT pays 65% of the rail bill – support having a permanent seat at the table
  • Required a review of the Metro North/DOT rail contract

Real Results!

  • Kept Danbury rail line open
  • Replaced a Super 7 highway plan with road widening
    – project on time & on budget
  • Opened door for Norwalk River Trail for Walking and Biking
  •  Secured $30 m in funding for new Danbury rail line signal system – increasing capacity & train speed
  •  Helped secure 300 new rail cars & new rail yard maintenance facility
  •  Stopped Toll bill
  • Legislative changes to construction projects to increase pedestrian and bike access.
  • Passed a bill to name Route 33 through Wilton and Westport “Fallen Heroes Memorial Highway.”
  • Providing more DMV services locally, including services at AAA offices.