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Remembering our nation’s tragic loss on September 11

Remembering our nation’s tragic loss on September 11 , a day as breathtakingly beautiful as this one. In our darkest hour, unimaginable horror was met selfless bravery and the very best of our human nature as everyone rushed to reach out to help, console and provide comfort to those close to us and to total strangers. We all became united in our collective pain. Many of us never espeirce the tremendous outpouring of goodness and display of Rotary’s Motto “ service above self” as we did during this difficult time.
We also remember and support those that responded by joining our military, placing their health and lives at risk including Wilton’s Nick Madaras ,a 19 year old Wilton High School graduate who was killed in Iraq from a road side Bomb. His parents turned their personal tragedy into selfless acts of kindness and becoming a force for good by creating a haven for homeless female soldiers and sending over 40,000 soccer balls to Iraq children, proving once again that the better part of human nature overcomes the worst.