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Waking Up from Our Fiscal Nightmare

This election may be one of the most significant state elections in a generation.  At stake is the very survival of Connecticut’s private sector jobs, town budgets and our households. While families and businesses have tightened their belts, state government has: spent more than ever; borrowed against the future for current expenses; dangerously under funded pensions; and,  enacted one of the nation’s largest tax increases that have jobs and people fleeing the state.

We have a nightmare – Connecticut faces consecutive deficits of more than $3 billion. Union interests, controlling the House of Representatives continue to push through higher salaries and benefits while under funding state pensions. Connecticut now faces $43 billion in unfunded pension and retirement liabilities that may become insolvent by 2020.

My opponent says tax hikes are inevitable. Not true. Increasing taxes is not the answer; fiscal responsibility is. Borrowing your way out of debt is a recipe for bankruptcy, already making us the highest combined tax burden state in the country.

Those obligated to special interests in Hartford have failed and taken Connecticut in the wrong direction. Connecticut can thrive again. We need to get people back to work by creating an environment where jobs can grow, families can prosper and seniors can afford to stay in their homes.

It’s time for real change by electing those with the courage and will to make the difficult decisions that will restore Connecticut jobs and its economy. The good news is that voters are now engaged and paying attention. They are enthusiastically supporting my efforts to bring fiscal discipline and lower taxes, which leaves more disposal income in the hands of the consumer, back to state government.  Because, ultimately, it is demand for goods and services that create the jobs that will revitalize our state.